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1.1a Dreamweaver MX Instructions

For those of you with Dreamweaver MX, there are specific directions for DW MX, these will be highlighted in blue, with headings announcing the contents in case you can't see the highlighting, and placed in "Call outs", with a return to the main tutorial.

Knowledge of the code is also necessary to produce a fully validated Web page, please read the entire tutorial.

If you've used any word processing program before, the DW MX software will be easy to understand with a little practice.

The tools in DW MX are the best I've seen, I'm using it to do this rewrite of my tutorial series. Having always hand coded, this has been an interesting and valuable experience. Most WYSIWYG programs place a bunch of "Tag Soup" in the code, DW MX only puts in what I tell it to put in, of course I've had to learn what does what, but I've found that DW MX's tools are intuitive, and easy to use once you understand how they work.

We will go more into the individual tools as we progress with the tutorial.

Main Tutorial