Navigational Map Nav Reference 10.7 

10.7 anotherpage1.html

In the anotherpage1.html add:

<!-- Examples of text decoration in line and using "span" -->
        <span class="red-black">
        Introduction to XHTML 1.1 with CSS2
      <p class="left">
        <strong>By setting up the margins correctly in the
        CSS,</strong> you can <em>resize this page</em> to
        whatever screen size you want, and it will remain 
        <span class="black-yellow">readable without left right
      <p class="left">
        <span class="white-red">The only limitation to the
        width</span> is the width plus formatting 
        on the largest image on the page.</p>
      <p class="left">
        <strong><em><span class="black-yellow">Then, just by
        adding another paragraph structure, everything
        automatically falls into line.</span></em></strong></p>

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