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10.4 Float and Clear Problems

Some older browsers act unpredictably when float is used. To get the best results possible, we use the @import rule to hide the offending code in another CSS page.

The way this works is that the older browsers don't handle some CSS code very well-- they also don't recognize the @import and ignore it.

Anytime you use a work-around like this, it is even more important to check your results in a variety of browsers and validators.

The @import needs to be the first line of non-comment code of the basic.css, so at the top of the basic.css add:

  Older browsers can't handle some CSS styles
  - they also don't see the  @import code.
  So any code that makes them act unpredictably
  goes into a separate CSS file, and the offending 
  browsers ignore it.

@import url(other.css);

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