Navigational Map Nav Reference 8.1 

8.1 Adding the Navigational Links to your XHTML

Place the following code under the left menu division and above the </body>, this also places a link to the site map's body as the last link on a general format page:

<!-- the main division is placed under the left menu division -->
    <div class="main">   
      <p class="nav-links">   
        <a href="index.html" title="link to Your Home page">   
          Your Home page</a> |    
        <a href="someotherpage.html" title="link to Some Other Page">   
          Some Other Page</a> |    
        <a href="anotherpage1.html" title="link to An other Page">   
          An other Page</a>&nbsp;
<!-- anchor for the Main Text Link --> 
        <a id="main-text"></a> 
<!-- Start changeable content for the page --> 

<!-- End changeable content for the page --> 
        <p class="nav-links"> 
          <a href="sitemap.html#main-text" title= 
          "link to The Site Map">Link to The Site Map</a>&nbsp;
<!-- Closed tag for the Main Division -->       

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