Navigational Map Nav Reference 7.2 

7.2 In-Page Link

The Main Text link in the left menu is an example of a link to an in-text target, and is placed as the first link found on a page. This is for someone with adaptive equipment to jump to the main body text in the page, bypassing the repeated content from page to page. A variation of this technique is to place the Site Map first, but one of the two links should be the first navigational link.

In valid XHTML 1.1 an anchor needs to be have the "id" property. This anchor is placed at the beginning of the main body text and does not show in the end display of the page.

The "id" property does not work in some older browsers. Also, the "name" property, which is the deprecated tag replaced by the "id" property, does not validate as XHTML 1.1, so use the "id" property because it works for the people that really need it. Using both would work, but then the pages won't validate as XHTML 1.1.

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