Navigational Map Nav Reference 7.1 

7.1 Adding a Left Menu 

First let's add the left menu to the XHTML and CSS. Place this code under the logo division in the index.html:

7.1a Link to Left Menu Code

One common problem for many blind web users is identifying which pieces of text are links. A variety of screen readers have adopted techniques to list each of the links consecutively. Some screen readers will incorrectly read adjacent links as a single link. So place an " ", some text or an image between adjacent links.

Add to the basic.css:

7.1b Link to CSS Code for a Left Menu

The "float" on the left-menu division places the menu to the left of other content in the main division, and "clear" defines where content is NOT allowed in relation to the division.

7.1c Link to an expanded explanation of float and clear.

Float and clear can make pages render unreadable. Float and clear must be used carefully, and with full testing in browsers.

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