Navigational Map Nav Reference 6.1 

6.1 Adding H1 Heading

The h1 heading should be used as the main heading for the page, or the entire site. You can place <h1> Your Header Text </h1> in place of, or with the present logo images.

As an example:

<!-- this is the division to hold the left curve and logo. -->
<div class="logo">
    <img src="leftcurve.gif"
      alt="[Image of Left Curve for Logo]"
      width="90" height="90" />
    <img src="logo.gif"
      alt="[Image of Your Logo Here text]"
      width="320" height="54" />
    Your Header Text.

You have to include any images in the logo division inside the h1 to keep everything inline, as well as adjust the CSS for the placement you want.

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