Navigational Map Nav Reference 5.7 

5.7 Inserting an Image in DW MX

In the DW MX "Insert" toolbar, click the "Common" tab.

Click the image button, (it looks like a picture of a tree).

Find the image on your hard drive.

Click "OK".

You will be given the option of copying the image to your site files. I would do this as a matter of habit.

Enter alt text for image and the location of the longdesc if there is one, the width and height are added automatically.

The "img" element is automatically closed also.

Click "OK".

If you edit the image, set the border to a blank instead of "0" so a "border="0" in not added to your code. The border can not be defined in line in XHTML 1.1, and will cause an error. If placing a linked image, place a border using the CSS file. This will be shown in the Validator images placement at the end of the tutorial.

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