Navigational Map Nav Reference 4.2a 

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4.2a Starting the CSS in DW MX

(This is assuming that you have an HTML file open that has a CSS file called basic.css linked from it, but not created yet).

In the upper right pane in DW MX (called "Design") click on the tab called "CSS Styles".

Select the "Edit Styles" button.

Double click on the basic.css line in the pane, click save.

This creates a blank page called basic.css in the folder with the HTML file.

Open the basic.css by double clicking on the file in the "Files" pane.

Cut and paste the basic.css code from above.

Save the CSS file, and the "Design" pane is automatically updated.

As the tutorial progresses, cut and paste the code into basic.css.

You could also build the CSS by adding one style definition at a time.

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