Navigational Map Nav Reference 3.3 

3.3 Title and Link Tags

The title line is what browsers will display at the top of the window, and helps identify the page as a unique page:
<title>Business - Basic</title>

The "link" tag is used by software and equipment to aid in navigation and for browsers to find important information, like the CSS.

If the pages in your site have a logical order, add page relationships using "link" tags. For the previous page and the next page use this code format::
<link href="location of previous page" rel="prev" title="title from previous page" />
<link href="location of next page" rel="next" title="title from next page" />

At a very minimum, place a "link" tag for the site map or index page for navigation:
<link href="sitemap.html" rel="index" title="Site Map" />

Then the link for the CSS:
<link href="basic.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

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