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2.3 Note from Brett Chandler on GET, PUT and SAVE in DW MX.

One thing I found confusing when I first started using Dreamweaver MX was the difference between GET, PUT and SAVE.

GET - (CTRL + SHIFT + D) fetch the remote version of the file from your Web server. Be careful with this command! If you've been working on the file locally, the old version on the server will overwrite your work!

PUT - (CTRL + SHIFT + U) move the current file up to the server. In the default setup, when you go to PUT a file you'll get a dialog that asks if you want to "include dependant files". If this confuses you, this means that DW will not only upload the page you're PUTting, but also all the graphics on it as well as stylesheets or anything else. Usually, you probably don't want to do this (especially if all you've done is update some text or a link on the page). You CAN disable this dialog, but I don't recommend this; there's the odd time you actually want to use it.

SAVE - (CTRL + S) just saves the current file to the local replica of your site.

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