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2.2 Connecting and synchronizing your site in Dreamweaver MX

In the dialog that follows, you are expected to specify where the project files are to go on your local drive. And where the runnable copies are to be installed on the host. If you are just starting to build the project, you can tell Dreamweaver you don't want to specify the server location until later:

In the right pane, have the "Files" window open.

Click "Site".

Choose "Edit Sites"

Choose "New"

Enter in the Name of the Site, e.g.: MySite Click Next.

Dreamweaver MX seems to like setting up the file structure under "My Documents".

Are you using PHP, ASP, etc. at the site? Choose appropriate radio button. Click Next.

Choose "Edit local copies on my machine, .....", only files you are sure are ready should go "live".

Set the path to where the files are on your hard drive. Click Next.

From first drop down, choose FTP.

Enter hostname, e.g.:

Enter your root directory at your host, some sites don't need one.

Your FTP Login is your Username.

Your FTP Password.

If you are on a secure machine, (only user), click "Save" to save the password, otherwise you will need to log in every time you connect.

Make sure you are connected to the internet, and click "Test Connection".

You should connect to your Host. Click Next.

If you are working with other people who have access to the site, click check in/out. If not, check no. Click Next.

Click Done.

Click Done in "Edit Sites"

In files window make sure you are connected (first icon in toolbar has the plug together).

Click "Site" in Files window.

Choose "Synchronize."

In first drop down, choose "Entire (MySite)" Site.

In second drop down, choose "Get newer files from remote". (or choose "Put newer files on remote" if the files are on your computer).

Click "Preview"

"Get" all the files from the server by clicking "OK". (or "Put" the files to the server if the files are on your computer).

Your site should be connected, and synchronized.

You can now edit a file on your computer, upload, download, connect or disconnect from the server, as well as synchronize the hard drive and server files from the Files window in the the right pane.

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